Tackling Hair Discrimination in a Local Campaign

14 Apr 2021


Executive member Vikas Aggarwal is running for Wesminster Council. He's been campaigning to stop discrimination against ethnic minorities in his local community. Here's Vikas's Summary:

"At the end of March, the students of Pimlico Academy organised a protest against racist and discriminatory uniform policies brought in by the new Head, and safeguarding failures by the school.

The new policies sought to limit hair size, something that predominantly affects black and mixed race students' natural hair growth, and restricted the colour of hijab and head coverings, even though students have free choice of colour for clothes at sixth form. Further issues have been raised about whitewashing the curriculum, showing no regard to Black History Month, and installing a Union Flag at the school, something which was seen as provocative and culturally ignorant by an incredibly diverse body of students.

As the Lib Dem councillor candidate for Churchill Ward, I have spoken with students and parents about what has happened, and they have all said that the new Head ignored students voices up until this point, and it took the protest to force a change.

Worryingly, there are underlying issues at the school, and I have since written to the Regional Schools Commissioner to request investigation of the Trust's governance practices, namely ones revolving around Lord Nash, former Tory donor and Minister."

Could you incorporate the concerns of ethnic minority residents into your local campaigns like Vikas has? Is there an issue you would think might be worth campaigning on that you would like advice over? Have you got a similar example of inclusive campaigning that you would like to share with us?

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