Policy motion - Righting wrongs: Restoring the Rights of the Windrush Generation

27 Jun 2018
HMT Empire Windrush

Subject to acceptance by the Conference Committee, this motion will be moved by Pauline Pearce with summation by Roderick Lynch. It calls for a public enquiry into the policies and implementation of immigration policy undertaken by the UK government between 1997 and 2018, a return to a fair and just rules based immigration system which is transparent and predictable, the righting of the wrongs perpetrated by the Home Office in individual immigration cases and the establishment of a system of compensation for all the victims of the Home Office's unjust policies.

We urge all LDCRE members to support this motion. You can download the full text of the motion here.

If you would like to add you name as a signatory, please email Roderick Lynch.