Cllr Anton Georgiou demands more action from councils and government to house roughsleepers

2 Apr 2020

Cllr. Anton Georgiou who stormed to a tremendous victory at the January by-election in Alperton, one of the UK's most ethnically diverse council wards, has been quoted in an article from On London demanding that the government and his local Brent Council step up their support and efforts to house Britain's thousands of rough sleepers amid the current CoronaVirus outbreak.

Cllr. Georgiou described the government's demand last week that councils immediately house all rough sleepers "as "top down" and as "totally unrealistic" without a "huge injection of finance and resource", citing the difficulty he has had with getting help for a small number of rough sleepers in his Alperton ward since his election at a by-election in January. He also questions Brent Council's local response, saying it has underestimated the number of rough sleepers there are in the borough. Brent has been invited to respond."

The full article can be found here

Cllr. Georgiou has also made great efforts to engage and support his BAME communities in his ward during this pandemic by producing information leaflets about the Virus leaflets in Gujarati and Hindi. You can see them here.

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