Jill Hope

Secretary - Jill Hope


Married, 4 children, 4 grandchildren, has spent her career mainly in corporate finance, followed by a second career in not-for-profit organisations supporting the development of self-employment for long-term unemployed people.

Joined the Lib Dems in 1998

Became a councillor in 1999. 8 years on Northampton Borough Council and 4 years on Northamptonshire County Council.

6 X Parliamentary candidate. First in the target seat of Harborough in 2001 and 2005 (when we came within 3,842 votes of the Conservatives). Then Milton Keynes North 2010, Corby (by-election) 2012, Northampton South 2017,2019.

Active member of the Executive of the Parliamentary Candidates Association until 2021.

Chair of South Northants Liberal Democrats until 2021

Currently Vice-Chair of West Northamptonshire Liberal Democrats.

Delighted to be recruited by Liberal Democrat HQ as Manager of Candidates and Diversity from September 2018. Then in December 2018, very abruptly, 25% of HQ staff had to be made redundant. Regrettably that included me and my boss.

Subsequently employed as a professional networker by Barclays Bank. During COVID I've been undertaking in-depth money-laundering investigations. Left Barclays in July 2021

Jill Hope