Kishan Devani

Vice-president - Kishan Devani


Kishan Devani is a Politician, Speaker, and International Business Consultant. He has fulfilled a variety of roles, including being the Director of a Specialist SEN School, The Woodfield School, in London. He has also fulfilled the role Deputy Chairman (Membership and Finance) of the London Conservative Party. As part of this role, he sat on the National Association Finance Board of the Conservative Party. In addition to this, he was the Chairman of Conservative Way Forward's Treasurers Committee.

He stood for Parliament in 2015 for the Constituency of Leicester East and has previously stood for local Council elections in 2014. As well as this, he was a candidate for the Greater London Assembly for the elections in 2016.

Kishan has also been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He has fulfilled consultancy roles within various sectors, from Governance, to Finance, to Education. He was recently honoured with the Freedom of the City of London - making him one of the youngest BAME Freemen of City of London.

Kishan left the Conservative Party last year, as a result of their woeful handling of Brexit and their recent 'lurch to the right', and joined the Liberal Democrat Party. Soon after joining, he was appointed to be a Treasurer's Envoy for the Party by Lord Michael German the Party's Treasurer. He was also appointed to the Racial Equality Working Group of the Party.

Kishan Devani